Sunday, June 10, 2007

Service Oriented Network Architecture (SONA)

Not that we did not have enough acronyms to confuse us CISCO goes ahead and creates another one. I was doing some background research on an article published by the CIO magazine "The Rise of Service-Oriented IT and the Birth of Infrastructure as a Service", when I came across SONA. Quick search on CISCO website showed standard marketing hype and nothing more CISCO SONA Stuff . What I was looking for was some sort of reference architecture on how CISCO saw all this working. I like the concept just that so far it appears like a half baked stuff created by marketing.

From a concept point of view if the network can become application aware, for example in a branch office if the link goes down the network can cache till head office comeback on line and things like that will be a big boost for SOA as application then don't have to worry about implementation of reliable messaging and so on.

If anyone has more info on SONA or Infrastructure as a Service I would be really happy to hear it.


  1. You can check out my blogs:

    Gary E. Smith

  2. I see the last entry on this blog is rather old (June, 2007). Perhaps you should revisit the SONA web site and in particular check out this white paper . I hope this will be a more satisfying description of the vision for SONA as it applies to IT architecture.

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