Sunday, August 19, 2007

Unifying Process Framework

The UPF is a business framework that is generic to businesses and applies across all sectors commercial and public. It is naturally used by IT where it is part of a business, or by IT if it operates in a market where it is servicing a number of businesses on a commercial basis.

Article 1 - 'The IT Management Status Quo and 5 Year Challenge'
Article 2 - 'Concepts of a Unified Framework and Mapping Existing IT Frameworks'
Article 3 - 'Mapping IT Governance and the IT Value Chain onto a Unified Framework'
Article 4 - 'End to End Service Management: A Case Study'

Article 5 - 'The UPF Support Dimension'
Article 6 - 'The UPF Enabling Dimension'

Article 7 - 'UPF 'The Way Forward''

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  1. This is interesting. What is your experience with this framework? How does this contrast with other frameworks out there trying to achieve the same thing.