Monday, April 07, 2008

Business Process Modelling Tool Selection

Ever struggled to come up with requirements when doing process modelling tool selection? Sometime back I put together a mind map showing all the criterions I would consider when doing so. You can access the map at this URL:


  1. Hi Shaji,

    Fascinating map. However, while this is an interesting list of TECHNICAL requirements, there doesn't appear to be any rationalization of the BUSINESS requirements that should be used to select a BPM tool. For example, what types of scenarios would you expect to be met in a BPM tool, and how do these features support those requirements? If we had that requirements map, we could put values next to each requirement that maps to our own personal needs for those scenarios, and that could drive a weight that we could place on a particular technical feature. From that, selecting a particular tool will be simpler, because we can select the tool that best aligns with the values that we entered from our own situation.

  2. Nick,
    Thanks for your comment..the tool relies very much on the expertise of the user. Where I have used this in the past is as a questionnaire when talking to business users (never show the tool to the audience as it will confuse their thinking). From that perspective it serves as a map to make sure one has done adequate coverage across the domain.

    The next step someone could take this tool to is scenario mapping, based on usage pattern of a BPM tool map the technical requirements. I have done some of it but felt it was too much IP to put out there on the net..

    Hope this clarifies the intent.

  3. Hi Shaji,

    I agree with everything you said.

    I was just wondering if a scenario map could be created that is generic, like this technology map, that anyone could use when guiding their business analysis for BPM.

    No deep IP there.

    Either way, thanks for sharing this mind map. It stimulated my thinking.

    --- Nick