Friday, December 16, 2005

CTP of Enterprise Library and download issues

I have two rants.
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1. I have been desperately trying to download the CTP version of Enterprise Library and for some reason it keeps on asking me to join the Project. I don't want to join the project just give me the library such that I can get on with it. (BTW if any one has ideas on how I can get my hands on the CTP it would be appreciated).
2. I have been looking around for the ODP.NET (Oracle's data provider) implementation for DAUB (Data Access Application Block) and not been able to find anything. I am sure someone out there has written this. I hate to write the provider and then find out it was already available. Any hints most appreciate :-)



  1. CTP of EL can be download without requiring membership from here now:
    (Please look at the "Downloads" section on the right-down part of the page, but no click the "Download Enterprise Library" link on the left menu.)

    Enterprise Library includes provider for Oracle.

  2. Hi Bob,
    The download in your link is for Framework 1.1 version and not 2.0. For the 2.0 version you still need a passport. That aside the Oracle one uses Microsoft provider for DAL and not ODP.NET. Also it has issues with ref cursors and parameters. Thanks for the comment though.