Monday, July 03, 2006

Excellent Enterprise Architecture Books

For past few weeks I have had the pleasure of working with Adrian (he is a Principle in Architecture and Strategy Team), during this time we have had numerous discussions about what should make an Enterprise Architecture. Surprisingly we have been in violent agreement all the time. He shares the same view as me EA is more that IT it should encompass all aspects of an organisation including manual tasks. Often when we focus too much on IT aspect is when we miss the flow on effects manual tasks have on IT dependent processes.

Adrian being more experienced than I am (having been Chief Architect for 3G at Vodafone in UK), has written a simple book on the EA framework that he has developed during his career. I would recommend it to anyone considering some light reading on the topic.

Book Details:
"An Enterprise Architecture Development Framework: The Business Case, Framework and Best Practices for Building Your Enterprise Architecture" : by Adrian Grigoriu


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  2. I agree EA encompassing more than just technology, and extending into non-technology business processes, is a "must have" attribute of EA. Stepping back and taking a wider view of the business landscape, I see business and technology converging, and evolving. Technology is interwoven into business operations at its very core.

    We have tried line of business IT departments and of course enterprise IT departments (where EA typically initiates) both with its own set of challenges, neither really providing optimal organizational effectiveness. IT as we know it today will have to cease to exists, become a part of the business unlike what it has done before, and contain enterprise technology experts guiding technology innovation from the enterprise view. This is ultimately what Enterprise Architecture has to accomplish to be effective. We already have a great start with an accurate title “Enterprise Architecture” instead of “Enterprise Technology Architecture.”

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  3. Tom,
    I could not agree with you more. Sometime back reading Dana Bredemeyer's article on "What It Takes to Be a Great Enterprise Architect", one of the first works of Enterprise Architecture she talks about is US Constitution and how James Madison executed the role of an Enterprise Architect. Before there was IT Enterprises still existed and there was a blueprint or Architecture on how they worked.

    In my opinion fundamental to what we do is how the business benefit get realises and in that what role does IT play. Instead of in an IT project searching for business benefits.

    Thanks for your comments.

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