Sunday, July 02, 2006

Some changes for good in my life

I have been silent for a long time on this blog and it has been due to some personal reasons. Most of you who knew me professionally were aware that I was working as National Lead Architect for Volante Software Solutions in Sydney. Volante became target of a hostile takeover by Commander Communications and they won after a protracted period. At this point I thought it may not be a bad idea to explore greener pastures.

Couple of months back I got a firm offer from Oakton to join their Enterprise Strategy and Architecture team as an Enterprise Architect. I did accept the offer and for past one month have been working with them. Having said that I am still passionate about technology and Microsoft .NET so will continue to blog about that including SOA, and some new areas around Business Architecture, Application Architecture, Information Architecture and what ever else that catches my fancy :-) .


  1. Just wondered - cyndi369r@gmail.comTuesday, July 18, 2006 4:55:00 PM


    I've been offered a role at Volante - what made you decide to move on - was it just the merger or other things?

  2. Rather not reply on open forum, will mail you seprately.

  3. So why didn't you want to learn how to sell phone handsets and drive a cool station wagon with a ladder. You know selling products have significantly more value than any architecture or solutions