Monday, February 13, 2006

Agile dev end of life, Waterfall is back

For all the SCRUM and Agile people out there, Waterfall is back have a look at this conf and meet all like minded people.

One of the guys at work sent me the link after I had been pestering everyone why Agile is so cool....


I found the following really funny and will resonate with all Architects.

"If designs are ruined by execution details, then we should divorce designs from execution. Implementation is harmful to designs! Implementation ruins the elegance, beauty, and symmetry of designs. The problem is execution; and so it is execution that must be eliminated. As a community of designers we need to insist that our designs remain unexecutable!"


  1. Hey Shaji, I hear you've left Volante...
    Drop me an email when you can...
    Minas Casiou -


  2. Hey Dude, Bit light on the blog since you've left Volante. Surely the new compaby has inspired you in some shape of form??? LOL Cheers Grant