Sunday, January 15, 2006

Future Shock and our daily lives

For those who know me, will know my fascination for the book Future Shock written by Alvin Toffler. He was recently in Sydney Australia and said the following in his interview with Australian Financial Review.
"The issue is not jobs but creating value, creating something that someone else needs," he says. "Whether you get that through a regular, paid job, whether you do that as a freelancer, or whether you do that as a group that forms itself for a purpose and then folds up its tent."

Everyday we worry about the fact where our next job is going to come from, how will Indian outsourcing engine will effect us. Yet we continue along creating value for our customers and employers hence remaining employed. Fundamentaly I think the day we stop creating value will be the day we slowly start moveing towards unemployment.

His other thought that interested me the most was "It a period in which wealth is now mobile and we can reverse the tyranny of distance because value is so often based on intangibles and weightless products. ". Which is so true did I write a kilo of code today :-) or how many kilos of software did Microsoft ship this month.

Anyway I am eagerly waiting for his new book "Next May, Toffler publishes his latest book, Revolutionary Wealth (Alfred A. Knopf), about the way we are making money and will continue to make money in the knowledge economy. " April 25th to be precise.

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